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Laurie's massages at the guest house Le Deffends in Redon...

"I live in Drôme since 2013. I have adopted this beautifull region with is generous light and the pleasure to live in a seasonal way, joyfully and peacefully. This choice offer me access to well-being that I like to transmit and share.

I'm passionate with the vegetal world. I will offer you a massage with the balms I've made myself with the plants and flowers that I've gathered and picked.

Whatever your needs, I have the massage that will give you certain well-being. Whether it is to energize you (Detox Tonus), relax (Zen Reiki), experience a total journey (Massage of the 5 Continents), regenerate yourself (Belly Revolution), achieve letting go (Excellence massage of the 5 continents) or relax your mind (Experience Kansa), you can benefit from it right here by appointment by call or text message to +33-(0)6-99-82-71-31.


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The advantage to give massages on the spot is that, after the experience, you can take a bath in the warm water pool or simply lie down in the comfort of your bed, while your body will fully integrate all the benefits of the massage."


"A massage is like a movie, really relaxing and a total escape, except that in a massage you are the star. And you don't miss a thing when you fall asleep! "Elizabeth Jane Howard